About Lisa

Once upon a time, Lisa Heidke made a New Year’s resolution to write a book. Like most people, Lisa woke up on January 1with a headache. Unlike most people who’d made resolutions the night before, she took two Nurofen and started writing.

The result was Lucy Springer Gets Even (A & U, 2009), followed by What Kate did Next (A & U, 2010), Claudia’s Big Break (A & U, 2011), and Stella Makes Good (A & U, 2012). Then  It Started with a Kiss and The Callahan Split were released in 2015.

You can read all about Lisa here, on her website or read recent posts on her blog. She also teaches Popular Womens Fiction workshops at the Sydney Writers’ Centre.

You can also follow her on twitter @lisaheidke and find her Facebook author page.

After growing up in Brisbane, I ran away to Sydney, via London, and worked in book and magazine publishing. After many years living in the inner west, I was surprised one morning to wake up and find myself with three children and living on the North Shore.

I’m not one of those people who’ve always wanted to write a novel…okay, I am one of those people. But it wasn’t until a few years ago I seriously challenged myself to do something about it. In fact, it was during an alcohol fuelled New Year’s Eve party where friends had been discussing the merits of a newly published novel.

‘I could write that,’ I blurted to anyone who’d listen. I’ve long forgotten the title of the book from that night, but the idea of writing my own novel, quickly became my New Year’s resolution. The next morning after taking two Nurofen + I stared at the computer and then sat down to write.

I thought it would be easy. Why not? I had some ideas, so set myself up with several ‘how to’ books, a corner of an overcrowded spare room I could call my own – and was filled with great enthusiasm—confident that at the following New Year’s Eve do, I’d be one of the very few who’d managed to keep their resolution. I’d have written my first novel and would be well on my way to publication.

In my dreams! That was thirteen long years ago.

Along the way, This Wife’s Life was short listed for the Varuna/HarperCollins Manuscript Awards in 2005, and then in 2006, Lucy Springer’s Story was short listed. With a hell of a lot more writing, rewriting, editing, and several buckets of tears, Lucy Springer’s Story morphed into what is now Lucy Springer Gets Even, which was published in 2009.

In 2009, I continued re-writing This Wife’s Life which was re-named What Kate did Next. What Kate did Next hit the bookshops in January 2010.

My third novel, Claudia’s Big Break was released throughout Australia and New Zealand – and online at several sites including www.booktopia.com.au.

In January 2012  Stella Makes Good was released. You can view the book trailer on my website or click here.

It Started With A Kiss and The Callahan Split were released in 2015.

Other publications:

Contributing author: ‘What is Mother Love?’ Penguin, 2008