Stella Makes Good


‘Heidke has it all in this novel. It is funny, romantic, heartwarming, heartbreaking, surprising and suspenseful as we share a journey of awakening and self-evaluation in the lives of three women who could be any one of us.’ Beauty and Lace magazine, Jan 3, 2012

‘…another great chick-lit book by a superb Australian author…’
The Hungry Bookshelf, Jan 15, 2012

‘A novel about starting new…about girlfriends, secrets…I loved Stella Makes Good. The Phantom Paragrapher, Feb 01, 2012

‘Funny, entertaining and thoughtful, Stella Makes Good is sure to appeal to Heidke’s existing fans and anyone interested in the emotional challenges…enjoyable contemporary women’s fiction, ideal for those looking for an easy read with substance.’ Suite 101, Feb 02, 2012

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Stella Sparks is on good terms with her ex-husband, Terry, despite the fact he left her for another woman. Stella’s philosophical – the marriage had run its course, they remain friends and the wellbeing of their kids is central to both of them.
Stella’s two closest friends, Carly and Jesse, envy her togetherness and wish they could emulate it. Jesse’s husband, Steve, is a control freak who’s driving her crazy, but she has two small children and can’t see a way out. Carly, meanwhile, suspects her husband is having an affair and isn’t sure what to do about it.
Stella’s life takes a distinctly upward turn when she meets a handsome, apparently single – no ring, anyway – father at her son’s school speech night. For Carly and Jesse, however, the search for happiness and fulfilment proves more elusive…

Told from four points of view, Stella Makes Good spans one tumultuous week after Stella, Carly and Jesse meet for drinks and unwittingly stumble upon a sex party. What they see will alter the course of their lives and shatter long held beliefs, forcing them to re-evaluate the things that are truly important to them.

With a healthy dose of humour and romance Stella Makes Good is about the games we play, the secrets we keep, the unpredictable nature of life and the importance of female friendship.

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