It Started with a Kiss


Shelleyrae, Book’d Out Jan 3, 2015-02-10
It Started with a Kiss is a quick, engaging read about love and relationshipstold in a way that is both entertaining and thought provoking.’

Michelle,, January 12, 2015
‘What I love about Lisa Heidke’s work is that her heroines are generally everyday average women, mid to late thirties, and facing the same dilemmas that any one of us could face.’

Jodi Gibson, book Review, February 2, 2015

Lisa Heidke is the queen of the summer read…It Started with a Kiss is witty and filled with highs and lows that will keep you engaged the entire way through.’

Susan Whelan,, Jan 7, 2015
In It Started with a Kiss, Lisa Heidke has delivered a snapshot of modern life…there is humour in this story alongside the emotional drama and something very ‘real’about the characters that engages the reader.’

Stella Makes Good

Beauty and Lace magazine, Jan 3, 2012
‘Heidke has it all in this novel. It is funny, romantic, heartwarming, heartbreaking, surprising and suspenseful as we share a journey of awakening and self-evaluation in the lives of three women who could be any one of us.’

The Hungry Bookshelf, Jan 15, 2012‘
…another great chick-lit book by a superb Australian author…’
The Phantom Paragrapher, Feb 01, 2012
A novel about starting new…about girlfriends, secrets…I loved Stella Makes Good.’

Suite 101, Feb 02, 2012
‘Funny, entertaining and thoughtful, Stella Makes Good is sure to appeal to Heidke’s existing fans and anyone interested in the emotional challenges…enjoyable contemporary women’s fiction, ideal for those looking for an easy read with substance.’

Claudia’s Big Break

The West Australian (Jan 22, 2011) With Claudia’s Big Break,Heidke does what she does best… intermingles romance and personal crisis…

Cosmopolitan (Feb 2011) 4/5 stilettos to Heidke’s Claudia’s Big Break!

Bookseller & Publisher (Summer 2011) “A novel about friendship, romance, laughter and loyalty, the glamourous setting
and light-hearted tone make it a perfectly good holiday read.”

The West Australian (Jan 22, 2011) “Heidke does what she does best… intermingles romance and personal crisis…Heidke meticulously describes the stunning scenery while writing about the experiences of three women struggling to cope with career direction, dysfunctional relationships, friendship and parenthood.”

Woman’s Day (Jan 10, 2011) “Follow the delights and disasters all the way to the satisfactory conclusions necessary for enjoyable holiday reading.”

Cosmopolitan (Feb 2011) A book you won’t want to put down: “This is an easy-to-read book on the ups and downs of friendship.” 4/5

The Daily Telegraph (Jan 15, 2011) A story of “modern-day women, the loves they share, the sex they have and the trials and tribulations of trying to hold it all together.”

What Kate Did Next

Courier Mail, Jan 9, 2010: “Full marks to Heidke who ekes out (What Kate did Next) into a whimsical tale without the sting. Working mums will smile in rueful recognition. A frothy read…”

West Australian, Jan 13, 2010: “Heidke’s witty sophomore effort proves she’s got the depiction of the domestic battleground down to a fine art.”

Herald Sun, Feb 6, 2010:
“The reader is swept along with Kate’s adventures…verdict? Witty.”

Lucy Springer Gets Even

Woman’s Day, Jan 12, 2009
“Enjoy this sharp, snappy lesson in survival and success.”

Reviewer: Dianne Dempsey, The Age, Melbourne, January 17, 2009
“This pacy and funny novel is essentially plot driven…told in the first person, Lucy’s story is genuinely witty.”